fitness options

Early Morning Burn

Start your day focused on your fitness and health with this high intensity circuit training class. 

women's kickboxing

Women Only Class:

Get in amazing shape while learning self-defense and striking techniques (punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes). Improve your confidence, develop strength and become fierce!

super heroes unlimited

Enroll today and gain access to as many classes as you desire.  Each class is taught by one of our fitness instructors and you’ll receive a unique experience every time. We offer circuit training, bootcamp-style training, boxing, HIIT, and more!

Kids Martial Arts

We now offer Kids Martial Arts Classes (Ages 6-11 yrs). Your child will begin with the basics of Yuan Wha Karate and learn, discipline, balance, coordination,  strength, confidence and leadership. Taught by Master Jason Wright (6th Dan Black Belt and Universal Martial Arts Hall of Famer).


Join our results-driven fitness community with a big emphasis on 80% Nutrition (80%) and Fitness (20%). Classes are led by a team of health coaches and this is an indoor/outdoor bootcamp program.  We highly encourage our members to follow our Nutrition programs while we assist you with your workouts. Each class comes with an energy tea and healthy shake from our Nutrition Bar! Join us and please bring friends. 

martial arts class

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Personal Training

At Super Heroes, we offer a variety of personal training options to fit any fitness level or goal.
Personal training is customizable – we can meet your scheduling needs as well as provide a positive, energetic, and supportive environment to help motivate you to success. Personal training regimens can include any of the following, based on your needs:
  • Calisthenics
  • Marital Arts
  • Sport-specific (ex. Speed, Agility, etc)
  • Kickboxing
  • Weight training (Strength and Conditioning)